The fascinating world of mushrooms, how to grow your own and the benefits for us all

I want to share with you the benefits I have seen with mushrooms. They will love you as much as you love them.

I dedicate this section of my site to the cultivation of mushrooms and sharing my discoveries. Studying the benefits spiritually, physically and mentally. The benefits we get from each species of mushrooms and the best way to prepare them for food and ingestion. I will also have my chocolate recipe that is by far my favorite way to have them. If you have anything you would like to contribute please contact me, I would love that.

Spore Print to Spore Syringe

Making Spore Syringe

This is a trial of inoculating with millet instead of rye and the results are amazing. This colonized within 7 days to this point. It does need to me broken up which will be a challenge. Next time I am going to add vermiculite to the millet 3/1 to make it easier to break up. Overall 5x faster than the rye and I am seeing less contaminated jars. This is possibly due to the speed of colonization.

What a beauty! Look at the mycelia and how rhizomatous it is just two days into colonizing the tub.

This is the Rye from 9/26

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