Hi, My name is Jeffrey. This is me and what is important to me. I wanted one place to show myself and what matters to me.

I wanted the site to serve a few different areas in my life. I wanted a place again to share and have a voice. I wanted this to be a place where I could offer my passion and knowledge in the things that are important to me in a way to make some income. Lastly I want this to be a community large or small that we can benefit from one another and together we would all share to better the group.

I like getting dirty and being outside. The things that make my stomach drop and the breathless sensation help me know that I am alive. I try to live with my eyes wide open while my heart ready to be overwhelmed with joy. Creating is essential to my happiness in both the physical and emotional realms. I’ve been called intense on more than one occasion. I am me and want to remain that way until I find that it is broken. Then I will need your help to heal and fix it. For me, life is all about experience and taking in the little moments, making connections with people that you would not normally connect. It’s about celebrating the people in your life that you love. As well as discovering the ways they love you. I try to get the most out of life and fight hard when it feels drab and mundane. Sometimes I am really on point and others not so much. When I get to the end of my time I know I will have wins and regrets and a lot in the between. I just want to leave a positive mark with the paths that l will cross and inspire love where it is needed most. Please take what you need and give where you want. Thank you for visiting.