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We are in a very eerie, Twilight Zone feeling world right now. In this are three types of people for the most part. Those that think they are “woke” and are being played right into the hand of Satan himself doing the work of the deep state. Those that are so blind they do not understand why people are making such a fuss abut things and are eagerly awaiting to go back to normal. Finally the group that is the smallest and probably going through some of the toughest times are those that understand the world has been watching movie while secret military agents have taken out and wiped clean the filth that was ruling our world. This will only be addressing the last group.

If you are in the last group I am sure you are aware of your primary mission that is of the utmost importance. That mission is getting as many people you can red pilled as fast as you can and work with them to do the same. So essentially this should work like a pyramid styled business plan. You get people under you to teach and train to get those they come in reach with, to see the truth. As you grow your impact, your people go out and multiply that ten fold. If this were being done at the moment our life getting back to somewhat of a peaceful loving state would get here a lot sooner, I believe.

More importantly, we are in a spiritual battle and now more aware of that than ever. We are called over and over in the NT to be ready and not to be sleeping because he who comes will come like a thief in the night. No one knows when a thief will come and steal from them. So will it be at the return of Christ. We will not know and it will be a surprise and the call to the Christian is to be waiting and ready like a bride is waiting for her groom. What a cool picture that is. Christ is coming back one time. Not multiple times. It is not going to be the rapture and then he comes back again for all those saved during the time when the other believers left the earth. He is coming once and we are to be ready and when he does he will be setting up his kingdom to rule for 1000 years before evil is finally destroyed forever.

If there is ever a time to draw near to Jesus the time is now. Ask for a heart that seeks him and desires to be ready for him when he comes. Encourage those around you to do the same by deeds and words when necessary. Now go red-pill the world aka preach the Gospel. This is what we are to be about in these days. We have a huge window and opportunity with the events that are taking place. Seize the day!

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