I know that everyone is sick hearing about these tiny fricken masks. You are sick of hearing about folks that still refuse to wear a mask and don’t  understand that “Science” behind wearing them. Maybe you are in another other group that will not tolerate living your life  by the convictions of others. For the most part I feel like this captures the majority of the people on this issue. I think it is safe to say that everyone is tired and doesn’t want to keep “kicking a dead horse” on both sides of the issue. I can count on one hand the number of times I have worn a mask and once was to get on a plane to spend time with my grandmother right before she passed. I can also count on that same hand the number of times I have seen others not wearing a mask. I know that there are more I am just making the point that it is so few at this point I never see it. Often while not wearing a mask people give me their opinion, and side note it is incredibly fascinating how embolden people are to tell you that they think you are wrong when the majority of people are siding with you. We all know that when it is something that might be not so popular, rarely to people say a thing. I get opinions and surprisingly I hear quite a lot of people asking me how I get to do this and how envious they are that I have a life where the sacrifices are minimal enough so that I don’t have to. Hearing so many echo the same sentiment over and over again I wondered why I don’t see more not wearing masks and why don’t you just take your mask off. So for this reason I am writing this 1. To dump it off my brain and 2. To encourage and embolden those of you that do not see the “science” the same as (well you know), and help you find permission in yourself to live your truth and take it off. If you honestly believe that you do not and will not benefit from a mask that continues to show in testing and life, against a virus, that it does nothing to stop its spread. Or if you do not care about the efficacy of the mask but are with a large part of the world wide medical field that according to the numbers this is nothing more than a common cold  then you should not wear your mask. It is not being polite nor is it easing the fears of those that want to wear a mask. It is simply being a coward and detrimental to you and those around you. You know you should always live your truth even if it is not the popular decision.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

There’s no problem so awful, that you can’t add some guilt to it and make it even worse.

-Bill Watterson

Why do I think it is damaging to wear a mask if you don’t think you should?  I believe it is damaging in many ways but I am going to talk about two. One, it is living against your own conscience which is scientifically, (wink, wink) proven to be negative to your health. Two, that you are actually becoming a part of the problem and are encouraging the false negative that will eventually rip every single freedom away. When we decide to live against or in opposition to our conscience we devalue our ability to decide for ourselves. Living against our conscience is when we know something to be true, absolutely true and the way we live does not reflect that belief. So without even realizing it we are creating stories in our mind to ease our conscience. We are beings that want to live according to our worldview. If we believe then we will do such and such, and this is why when an enemy wants to defeat you or infiltrate you, if they are wise, will start to win your mind and thought processes. If they can get you to believe what they want you will act how they want. After a long enough period, all of these false stories become our new reality because that is how we conditioned ourselves. We have seen this demonstrated in so many “True Crimes” cases where the wrongfully accused suspect will confess to a crime that he has not committed in part because he is hearing he has. I can hear what is coming next, “I am doing this because it is kind not ruffle any feathers.” I agree with this statement when it applies and I reject that this applies to situations where you live against your conscience in a significant part of you and your family decisions. I am not saying that I judge those that do wear a mask or think less of them I do think it causes damage and great damage at that. You are showing your kids that you can believe one way and live another.  To some degree we are all guilty of this, the spirit of a mature human is to learn from and grow from those experiences and that only happens when we see our faults to admit it and change our actions. Now that you are aware I hope it is harder for you to go on and further the lie that the masks are helping people out. Our mask will stay on until we take them off. So before It is too late stop making these delightful stories about your zealousness for the good of those around you and stand up for your beliefs’. Do it proudly for you and those around you, if not, then adopt the view that the masks work.

Photo by Korhan Erdol on Pexels.com

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”―.Edmund Burke 

It has become offensive to offend someone these days. We live in a time where you say something that is different than another’s belief in some area that they hold special and you are going down for a hate crime. I agree that we need to be respectful and mindful of those around us so as to not needlessly hurt the feelings of the person. That is just not being a jerk. When done in a space where I am simply stating my beliefs, that I have a right to have, if it offends you, walk away. That’s it. If it is causing you emotional stress and hardship to hear someone say something that you do not see to be true you need to be in treatment with a medical professional, because that is not in the realm of normal. Better if it bothers you go talk to the person. Try to understand them a little more and where they are coming from. Nine times out of 10 as you both talk you see that you are not that different from each other in the heart of the matter. The point I am making is we are doing a disservice to our world around us when we do not stand for our beliefs. This life is not easy easy and will never be. All of our life experience is shaping and molding us into a more mindful and appreciative being. That is the hope anyway. Growth only happens if we go through these experiences and we only go through the experiences when we live out our beliefs, especially in the face of opposition. The opposing force is what refines us. Makes us know we are alive and challenges us in our thinking. Now that our thinking is challenged we have to organize systematically our thoughts into a clear understandable fashion. Once our thoughts are organized we can run them by others and continue to hone in what it is we are saying and doing our best to make sure it lines up with truth. If we are not doing these things we will not make it as a species. A bigger problem to me is that we will live in a world where no one says anything of value or importance.  Offending someone either intentionally or not will be intrinsically wrong and seen as so vile. Who knows, a punishment of death could be the outcome. I want to lovingly shake people and yell “you matter”. When we believe we matter we will proudly live our truth when we don’t we are paralyzed and silent just wanting to go away. Sadly I don’t think we are too far from that now. I did not even deal with the example that you set for those around you. Live like your voice matters, if you don’t believe the masks work and are of no value to you live it. Empower those around you to live it for them. We do not need to convince others to see it our way. We just need to live it ourselves and encourage each other to do so. Remember. The masks will stay on until we take them off.

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