Oregon, New Mexico, and Michigan, oh my! I am Not surprised that the Dems are racing to see who can kiss more socialist ass in being first to lockdown. I am so sick of this science pedestal that both left and right love to throw around and stick out their chest of intellectual superiority when they have no clue about the science. They are solely vomiting up what doctor they heard that fit into their narrative. If you want to talk about science, we will do so with science and numbers.

COVID 19 is the Corona Virus year 2019. The year before that is was 2018 and, 2017 including 2016 furthermore. The coronavirus has been morphing into a new coronavirus every year. Coronavirus, discovered in the 1930s will continue to do so for the next 90 years as well. As far as deaths, the numbers are right in line with the previous year’s flu for the most part. The discrepancy we have with the CDC’s handling of COCVID deaths. I add quickly here a sidenote that the CDC themselves have screwed up the handling of the deaths from COVID. So when you look at this all at once, one can not help but think that we are a part of the world’s biggest reality show. It is like the Jamie Kennedy show and Punk’D in astronomical proportions put on by the world’s most powerful leaders. Every day is consumed by looking out for contamination, making sure we stay inside and away from human contact. Cover our faces with a mask or shirt or anything at all. It is necessary to give the appearance we are safe from this virus we seem to know so little about. We are looking at the number of cases every day to see if we will go back on lockdown or not. God forbid you to say anything against the doctors of the elite that can change their mind, science, and data whenever they need the story to change. If you do you will be banned from the social structure of the new society. Kicked off of Facebook and Instagram

It makes sense now! This is why there were Patents on the testing of the virus. Why they had oversight of the material tested and how it was administered. They controlled who performed the test and which labs handle the data. This test is a PCR test. A polymerase chain reaction test. A polymerase is an enzyme that helps the replication of genetic material. It causes the genetic martial to double over and over and over again so that by the end you will have lots of genetic material when you only had a little, to begin with. This is called exponential amplification. So PCR testing is causing a few people to have their bank accounts see exponential amplification. It takes one strand of DNA and doubles over and over and over again. 1985 Kary Mullis used this in forensics as it worked great to study a suspect’s DNA at a crime scene. If you only had a little you could make a lot. This is how the Corona Virus testing is done. If after the multiplying is done they find one strand of RNA that resembles COVID 19 you are now positive. The test doesn’t tell you that you are sick it simply tells you that they found something that looks like the RNA after repeated it numerous times. The PCR test does not provide any surety at all if you are going to be sick or not any more than a diagnostic test. It is absurd.

Last year when you felt ill, you stayed home from work, got rest, and at some chicken noodle soup, and went to bed. Hopefully, in a few days, you were back on your feet again. If it was your child you would simply keep them home from school. They could lay in their pajamas and watch cartoons and rest until they broke the fever. That was just last year and how it was done. How is it now, the present day, that we are fighting to make people wear masks? We are shutting down small businesses and accruing massive amounts of debt on the state level and national levels. We are putting irrational fears in our children that will affect their entire life. We have no clue what that damage is going to look like in their social lives. All of this for other flu. I challenge you to find “science” showing that this is different than the flu. We don’t need any more PCR tests. It is another way to be manipulated and controlled. This will not stop until we stand against this as a united front. We must demand that doctors are allowed to practice medicine and not government-imposed rhetoric. We must fight for our voice and first amendment rights that so many are losing sight of. We must question authority and use the checks and balances that our founding fathers built into our constitution. We have to support businesses and media that stand for free speech and a commitment to hear the opposing side. It is no wonder we have little journalism going on and propaganda has run rampant when we do not demand it from our news sources. They must be checked all the time. We have thoroughly been fed well and made lazy so that we would not know what hit us. Often attributed to Mark Twain but not confirmed is the quote “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”.

America we have been fooled. Now you know what will you do about it. You can just yell fake news at me but it won’t change the fact that your rights are gone. You can scream science as you are no longer allowed to see loved ones when they decide you should not be able to. You can stomp your feet with your political party but you will be just like the PCR tests, useless. You must change direction, look into the truth yourself, and decide to live a life of freedom if you are going to want to live in a free world ever again. The lack of action is beyond insane it leaves me to think the world is going mad. Everything happening is so much more than a virus. So much bigger than an election. The worst thing is if we don’t band together and take a stand it will work or people are just going to accept the change. The change will leave us without our freedom.

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