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I just finished Candace Owen’s, “Blackout”. I thought it deserved a little attention, as it could be a great starting point to bridging the gap between the black and white people. I have said earlier that I do not think that systemic racism exists in the United States in the way the definition demands. I do believe that as long as we make the color a thing and fail to understand the positions, we will never unite. As much as affirmative action and programs exist to “help out” the black community and snuff out racism. They do the exact opposite and promote everything racism stands for like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I was very perplexed in how this book would handle the topics because I know her positions and understand a little about how her own see her. I was eager to get through it. In my mind, this book is a tall order that Candace handled this with such a ferocious and tender heart. Showing her resolve and reasoning and doing so with such a resounding grace and awareness of her audience. Drawing mostly from her owns story she made clear that she did not get a silver plater or golden parachute to get where she is today. She is like any other black woman growing up in this country, had to work hard like any other American to earn her spot.

The third chapter on Feminism was beyond her age in wisdom and a much-needed voice to our young woman today. This chapter was one of my favorites by far. Chapters 5 and 6 on Socialism and education were my other two. She flies in the face of many of the heroes amongst the black community. In so doing, she makes clear that she understands what she is talking about and is the real deal when it comes to intelligence. Always with a strong and intentional display of compassion and heart.

She almost reminds me of a modern-day female version of Martin Luther. She Isn’t throwing her people out and dissolving them, she wants to reform the community. I am sure she will get it. Martin Luther faced such ferocious opposition, as death was always a concern when he said “I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.”

Candace shows her heart, though this is anything but an emotional plea. She sites her facts, displays the incredible mind she has, and does so with a strong understanding of the importance of remaining humble. Incredible read and one that all should pick up regardless of party. If you are on the left, prove her wrong because In my mind would say most who read this she just called checkmate.

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