Somewhere Amazing!

As 2020 the year of upheaval and fear start to wrap up I want to point to what is possibly the best solution that we have in avoiding the 2020 plague in 2021. This is a fairly extreme measure to take, though not anything as bad as wearing a mask. It will require that you get outside of your house. You don’t really think that staying in a stagnant environment where people only come to drop off their business and whatever other viruses they are carrying is healthy do you? It is also going to require you to work closely with people you love because for this to work in the most effective way they will be joining you. You will need to make sure that you are eating healthy foods so that you will have the needed energy. Last but certainly not least you will need to trust your higher power, God. 

You are going to get outside and plan an adventure with your closest quarantine squad and set out to accomplish a goal. This could be climbing a peak, backing an alpine trail, or maybe just camp for a week straight. Whatever it is, it should be something that scared you a bit and will push you a little more than you would normally like. No, excuse being made. Look at what you have done so far and all that you have given up. Has it given you much security or brought you a joy that is otherworldly. I didn’t think so. Honestly going on a one week adventure, with all the planning and gear, the physical demands on your body, and the emotional stress that can be a part of the time with loved ones. Would you consider that worse than spending months locked in your house with no promises of staying clear of the virus? You have spent the last 9 months with your face covered, breathing your own recycled hot air, and not showing off your smile or getting to experience theirs. This virus has made it so that you hardly socialize with your peers and stay out a lot less being that the virus is much like the monsters under your bed, and mostly come out way worse in the evening. I mean when is the last time you took the love of your life on a date or took walk around the park with your little girl? You have given up far more than I am throwing your way and the reward that comes with this is far greater than anything you have done so far.

Seriously though, we have heard every marketing tactic that exists, promising immune boosts and a stronger immune system. Immunologists have to be screaming inside at the lies that accompany such marketing. They know that you can not boost or improve upon an already poorly working immune system. Immunologists make it clear that your immune health needs to be cared for on a daily basis and is something that becomes a way of life, not a quick fix. I mean you don’t need a boost as much as a complete overhaul. Sheena Cruickshank, an immunologist at the UK’s University of Manchester points agrees that these so-called boosts are just giving you expensive pee at best. Those that are developing severe forms of COVID-19 are people who have severely taxed immune systems that are in overdrive already overwhelming their bodies.

The biggest secret, that should be no secret at all, is that we just need to maintain a healthy baseline and give our bodies the food and resources it needs to do what it is supposed to do. Crazy right, just gives it what it wants and needs and it will take care of you while building up all it needs to put the COVID-19 in its place. Thankfully your adventure will take care of all these things.

  • Your body was meant to move! – Regular exercise provides the most amazing immunity boosts. Having moderate exercise a few times a week is going to get you blood moving which is bringing healing to everything it reaches. This will also reduce inflammation in your body and promote the healthy turnover of cells. Remember moderate, so hiking, biking, swimming, and jogging. Prolonged strenuous workouts will increase your inflation.
  • Your body was meant to eat whole foods– I completely understand this is the first time that you have heard this. Especially with COVID-19, it is easier to stop and get fast food or make Mac and cheese, a calorie is a calorie. Wrong! When you are filling your body with unhealthy choices you are literally causing a halt to what your body needs to be doing and your immunity is what suffers. With that comes poor gut health that hinders you from absorbing the nutrients you need. One last thing is that you will sweat and when you sweat you are clearing so many toxins from your body and opening up your pores to breathe.
  • Your body was meant to live in peace– This is up there with the most important on the list when we are dealing with immune health. Long term stress promotes inflammation and imbalances in immune cell function. Any sort of prolonged psychological stress can completely destroy an immune system and even more so in kids, it will suppress the immune system severely. I strongly believe that the strongest army you have against stress is creativity. I know some of you are thinking that having to be creative stresses you out. That you do not have a relative bone in your body, and you might be a little right. The truth is we can all create and it does not have to be with a pencil and paper. There are thousands of ways to be creative in this world and now even more so, if we choose, can get it out in the world to share with others. Only if that won’t cause you more stress. So drawing, journaling yoga, meditation, taking an online class. The key is to do something where you are slowing down, taking a personal inventory, and finding out the things that bring you joy and this life.
  • Your Body was meant to be hydrated– I don’t need to say this too loudly, you already know that your body needs water for every single process that is performed during any given day. You should be peeing clear and that is how you will know that you are having enough. This one is easy, when you are thirsty drink and when you’re not stop drinking.
  • Your body was meant to rest-This biggest reason every year people get sick is because they are not getting enough sleep or good enough sleep. In a study in 164 healthy adults, those who slept fewer than 6 hours each night were more likely to catch a cold than those who slept 6 hours or more each night. As an adult, you should be aiming for between 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Eliminating blue light can dramatically help in the process of getting better sleep. You know what that means, throw the TV. away!!! Okay, maybe a bit harsh but you do see the severity in this and know what is at stake.

This is not exhaustive but it is a great place to start. My change is this; plan in 2021 an adventure that is something you never imagined you would do or to a place you never thought you would go. Train for it, eat for it, and bring those that you want along with you in it. I can promise you if you do all of this your 2021 will be 1000x’s better than 2020. Make sure you leave any comments below if you have any questions or thoughts to share. Cheers

Lastly- For those with a healthy immune system my next post is going to be about how to give the best support and enjoy the fo you eat while doing so. I am going to show you how Mushrooms can radically affect your immune health. Stay Tuned.

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