I would love to take credit for this but I can’t, not in full. I was doing about 5-6 jars in the pressure cooker to sanitize the grain and one of my jars had fallen over and was full of water once they cooled and I pulled them out. I was bummed at first because I saw it as a waste and was ready to toss it in the trash. This was for two reasons, 1. it had become over saturated and was going to be a breeding ground for bad things and 2. the port for air exchange got soaked and was also going to be an attractant to other bad things. I got the rest of the jars ready for some spores and thought I might as well so I can see what happens. I did just like the other jars and inoculated the really wet one and had very small hopes of anything good happening and even worse did not want this to contaminate the whole area with bad things. So it stayed n quarantine the entire time and for the first week or so nothing was happening. So it had to keep its mask on, I did not want him to get others sick. After about 7-8 days I saw the most amazing mycelium growth I had seen from this type. It was so thick like braids and was moving rapidly. I broke it up to promote more colonization and was still pretty sure mold or bacteria would creep up. To my surprise it never happened and not only that has become the strongest growth I have had from that type. So now the testing begins! I need to find out why this happened and how it did not get contaminated. The Moral of the story is mistakes are beautiful because you learn and sometimes by happenstance you find ways to progress.

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