Facts or truths will never be able to be proven or tested by our emotions or feelings. Facts, truths, plumbline, gospel were words that carried weight and significance with them. These words are associated with statements that are determined to be absolute, static, immutable, and stable. It did not matter how one felt about such descriptions, they were true or false regardless of how anyone felt about it. With the recent events that have unfolded in politics, the transparent look into the thought lives of Americans through Facebook. We have seen the evidence that a complete and entire generation or generations have no idea how to determine fact or Truth.

I hear things like, “I feel that they should not act that way, or I feel like what they said was right. These statements have feelings as the ruler to which they are deemed true or false. One might feel very strongly about the announcement and have a personal interest in it being true or false. As I said, the feelings have no bearing on the fact being true or false. It will be one of those realities with or without us. The point I am making is that a large percentage of people no longer thinking in the words of true or false. The thought is in terms of if it is true or false to them. This disregards the reality that it is true or false apart from them and there feelings have no power to change that.

With that, when we get to a place like we are in now. Where every media outlet is posting what they want us to believe, not necessarily what is real. We can be in a real pickle. There are on both sides people who only listen to their base and trust it with their life. Those who are middle of the road have their side but don’t care to know the full facts. Those who have or make the time to study and research everything they can to understand what is going on. Finally, the last, and I think the largest association is the group that does care about what’s real. They don’t want to trust that which is produced to them. They also do not know where to look plus do not have the time to do all the research themselves. It is to this group that I’m writing for the remainder of the post.

I get it! How do we know what is genuine and what is false? How do we discern the dark from the light, the good from evil, the manipulators, and the honest? It honestly is nor as hard as you think. 

  • Do not react, respond
  • Do not solely google what you want 
  • Trust the MSM is usually lying to you to cover themselves
  • Do not get your news through FB
  • Look at it from at least three opposite perspectives
  • Use logic: the law of identity: the law of opposites, the law of the excluded middle
  • See who and how benefits from the story the way it is being told
  • See who would be protected if it were different who would have hurt
  • Always follow the $$$
  • Lastly, find one or two people that you trust and work together

In the end, it matters what you believe. That you are confident, having the most comprehensive knowledge to the best of your ability, and have made a reasonable and probable conclusion. I think like most things, the steps of discerning and vetting the precise information are not nearly as big of a task as we make it out to be. We usually are making excuses. I have seen this specific excuse from most of my family. Yet, still, there is time to watch T.V., Sports, and a few other minds waisting fun times. I am strong in that when there are things that matter like family, friends, futures, and eternal rest, you will not be able to tell me one thing that is more important than knowing what is taking place in our world and the actions that need to happen to be on the right side of the outcome.

I think we need to challenge people to think. I do not assume that I am right in all my ways and am open to learn. Learning comes from dialogue, vulnerability, listening and not trying to defend. The moment we begin to defend we have ended the learning process. Commit to being right for the sake of being right not to win. When wining is the goal learning has stopped. Last know that certain people are hell bent on causing mayhem and hate. They will never change or want it any other way. It is for these people don’t waste your time. If you are wondering if a certain person is, they’re not because you will not need to wonder.

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